Stop and Frisk

Topics: The Bronx, New York City, Queens Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: December 19, 2012
In America there’s has been a lot of actions that the police have been used on citizens and innocent bystander. One of these actions are called “Stop and Frisk”, which has been used a lot these days, specially in New York. “ Stop and Frisk” means to be randomly search by police or a high authority when they suspect a bystander is carrying something suspicious. At times " Stop and Frisk” can be helpful at times , but not most of the time , and in some cases it has been believed to be used by high authorities to exploit the minorities. There has been many cases where random people have been stopped and been pressured by cops to get searched by force. Specially here in New York , where there’s more 3rd class citizens than any other type. In New York, most of the time there’s always an issue with racism or segregation, and because most cases, are about people that get stopped and search randomly for no reason. But in New York “ Stop and Frisk” is a law that only works in this state. That is why some people don’t like this because they think that it gives high authorities , such as cops do anything they want , specially with people that live in rural places. Specially places like in the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens, “ Stop and Frisk” happens a lot, do to the majority of type of people that live in theses boroughs. That is why there’s many cases , where people get angry because high authorities don’t have any right to search someone without a particular reason. With this law a lot of people have questioned if there’s a way to stop, when in reality; it can’t be stopped because it’s the “law” and as a law, we citizens have to follow it. There have been many cases where citizens are angry for Police searching them randomly, due to their ethnicity or their characteristics.

Stop and frisk is a serious matter just like Nicholas K. Peart talks about in his article “ Why is the N.Y.P.D After Me?” He was always cautioned by his mother to always carry any form...
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