Stoning of Soraya

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Good morning Mrs Totonjian and class. Today I will be talking about The Stoning of Soraya, a tragic movie based on true events.

The movie refers to an undercover French journalist who is stranded in a remote Iranian village and is soon approached by Zahra, a persistent local. She convinces him to follow her to the courtyard where she reveals to him that just the previous day, she witnessed the fate of her niece, Soraya. Soraya was a kind-hearted, innocent woman who was married to a cruel, hateful adulterer. When he requested for a divorce in order to marry a 14-year-old girl, Soraya boldly refused leading her husband to conspire against her, falsely accusing her of adultery and infidelity, which carries an unimaginable penalty for women. Through all the scheming, lies and deceit, Soraya and Zahra desperately try to prove Soraya’s innocence. However since her husband turned the whole village against her, this failed. A tribunal was called to seal Soraya’s fate and she was declared guilty, resulting in her being stoned by a mob that included her father.

This movie isn’t a tragedy it is tragic. The tragic nature of the film is represented through there being no series of events that Soraya could’ve controlled and made her deserve this unjust and horrific treatment, the whole situation was manipulated and she was framed. Despite the fact that Soraya constantly praised and loved her unkind husband and didn’t nothing bad by him, she didn’t receive any affection in return and was treated harshly. Soraya endured daily-undeserved ordeals at the hands of her husband and two sons. This made Soraya feel unloved, unwanted and trapped in a world of hate, which is the last thing a person of her character is worthy of feeling. However she still managed to keep a brave face on and maintain her loving nature. Her husband being vindictive and encouraging the idea of stoning Soraya for his selfish reasons is what lead to her demise. No additional factor...
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