Stonewall Jackson

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, is widely remembered as one of America's most memorable generals, and is also remembered for the manner of his death. He was a victim of friendly fire and with the death of him in this manner, it completely demoralized the Confederacy and is a major factor in the loss of the Civil War for the South. Along with his death, the South lost one of the greatest military minds in American History. It all seems like an old Greek tragedy the way he was killed, yet it was all very real for the entire force of the Confederate South.

Thomas Jackson was assigned a risky plan for the Battle of Chancellorsville. In his last ever meeting with Robert E. Lee, the plan for Jackson was to conduct a wide, sweeping arc around the woods of Chancellorsville with 30,000 men while Lee charged the front with 20,000 of his own men. The long march for Jackson would take more than a whole day, so Jackson was to leave early in the morning. As Jackson and his troops were going by Lee's post that morning, the two generals stopped to talk hastily for a few moments and then Jackson proceeded to catch up with his men. The risky move for Stonewall payed off extensively, as Jackson's forces sneaked upon the Union's 11th Corps largely unnoticed as they prepare to strike the unknowing Union troops. With a fierce yell, the Confederates descended upon the Union forces that were then being captured by the hundreds and and were quickly advancing into Union territory towards Chancellorsville at a torrid pace. The South was able to do this due to the timid approach to the battle by Union Major General Joe Hooker. He remained at a defensive stance at Chancellorsville while Confederate forces were able to gain important strategic positions. Though there was sizable disorganization Confederate ranks, the fact that Confederate forces were split up twice, something that is breaking a general rule of battle, and it ended up winning the battle for the South is an amazing feat....
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