Stoned by Death

Topics: Death Penalty, United States, Adultery Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Elia McCampbell
Block: 4
AP composition
Mr. Barbadoro
Stoned by Death
Imagine you get pulled out of your home, or wherever you were at the moment, by people twice your size. Your’e powerless against them and you know that there’s no way out of this. They strap you to a pole, taking away your ability to move your arms and legs. Your’e thinking to yourself, this is it. Your’e praying to yourself, please stop this. Nothing though. You hear the crowd going wild screaming in joy and excitement! Then there’s that moment of silence; a moment of hope. Then just like that, the silence is broken. A man yells “begin” and soon enough everything is over. You feel hundreds and hundreds of stones mocking you as there being pelted at your body (Personification). Until you can’t feel it anymore, your’e breathless, motionless and hopeless. The crowed cheers with joy and excitement and they all leave. This is the result of stoning. Stoning is a method used in certain Middle Eastern countries. (Anadiplosis) Stoning is one of the most peaceful and painless ways of dying, which is why we should bring stoning into the United states of America. We should also begin stoning in America because it would raise the crime rates in America therefore reducing Americas over population. It would put people in their place if they do something wrong and it would make the United States a more peaceful country.

Stoning has been used since the mid-evil times. People are of the belief that death by stoning will teach people a lesson. You could say that stoning is like getting hit with a baseball bat repetitively(Simile). I believe that if we begin to stone people to death whenever they do something wrong, the crime rates in America would increase because people would be excited to get stoned to death. People would much rather be stoned than to be in jail for their entire life. It is a very painless method of death so it would be a very easy way to die. If Americans were to bring stoning into...
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