Stomach Cancer in Middle Aged and Older Adults

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Stomach Cancer in Middle aged and Older Adults

Stomach cancer is also called gastric cancer. This cancer begins in the stomach. Most of the time, the stomach cancer grows slowly over many years, and begins in the mucosa and grows into the other layers of the stomach. The stomach wall has five layers which the cancer affects, with three layers in specific because it can grow in these deeper. The innermost layer is the mucosa, which is where the cancer starts; next layer is the submucosa, a layer of muscle called the musclaris, and then the outer two outer layers, the subserosa, and the serosa, which is the wrapping for the stomach itself.

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer and How It Affects Your Body

Stage one is considered the early stage of stomach cancer which causes indigestion, heartburn, loss of appetite, and abdominal discomfort.

Stage two is considered the middle stage of stomach cancer which causes weakness and fatigue, and bloating usually after a meal.

Stage three or more of stomach cancer begins with all the symptoms mentioned above such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, weight loss, bleeding, and dysphagia.


Layer of the Stomach


Stomach Cancer

Prevention and Detection of Stomach Cancer

To help with the prevention of stomach cancer begin avoiding foods high in smoked and pickled cooking and processing, and avoid salted meats and fish. Also eat a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, low carbohydrates, and stay physically active with exercise. Detection

By trying to do some detection of stomach cancer begin with blood test, endoscopy, breath test for bacteria, biopsy, with a positive biopsy get it further test for a growth-promoting protein called HER2/neu, GI, CT scan, CT guided needle biopsy, MRI scan, PET scan, chest x-ray, and if needed a laparoscopy. Talk more with your doctor for other ways of detection. Support Group...
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