Stomach Cancer in China

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Stomach Cancer in China
Stomach Cancer can also be known as gastric cancer, but this is a type of cancer that starts in the stomach. There are about four different types of stomach cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Lymphoma, Gastrointestinal stromal tumor, and Carcinoid tumor. The most common kind of stomach cancer is Adenocarcinoma. Stomach cancer mostly affects older males. According to Luan in his article “China’s gastric cancer cases on rise”, about two-thirds of people diagnosed with stomach cancer are over the age of sixty.(no pag). Worldwide, stomach cancer is known to be most common in China, Japan, Southern and Eastern Europe, and South and Central America.

According to Colin Campbell’s article in “Stomach Cancer in China”, three of the main factors responsible for the high stomach cancer rates in China are preserved vegetables, stomach bacterial infections, and low blood levels of certain nutrients(151) . In China, refrigerators are very rare, this leads to preserving vegetables by fermentation and salting. When the people in China are fermenting their food, bacteria and mild often interrupt the process leading to cancer when they eat the vegetables. According to Choi Chi-yuk’s article in “Factory boss ‘turned duck meat into mutton’”, another way people in China have recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer is because a business man was turning duck meat into mutton or beef by soaking the duck meat in chemical additives to make it a brighter shade of red making it look like mutton or beef.(no pag). He was changing the meat because it was cheaper. The newspaper reported Li sold the tainted meat to small and mid-sized restaurants, as well as food distributors in the northeastern mainland. The excessive use of this tainted meat can be very harmful to humans because it turns into cancer causing nitrosamines in the stomach.

According to Alice Yan’s article in “Cancer increasing on the mainland”, studies say there is no sure way to prevent stomach...
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