Topics: Family, Mother, Marriage Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Stolpstad is a story about a police officer in a little town. The officer is just ending his shift at work, he is not satisfied with his job, or even the town he lives in. He is living in a grey shadow, where his life just stands still while time is rushing by outside of the time. It is as if he sees every action in slow motion, he thinks everything is boring. Just before he is ready to go home, he gets a call, that a family needs his help because their dog has been injured really badly. The officer is not happy about it at all, he just wants to get out of there, and it is not exactly the most exiting job he has to do this afternoon. When the officer gets out to the family, he sees a woman and her son, the kid is very sad. The mother seems very kind, but he knows this kind of people, and he knows exactly what they are going to do and react when he goes to the. The mother tells the officer that it is they kind and his father's dog, that might seem like she is a humble housewife, and her husband is the head of the house. She might not even have the same rights as the husband, but by calling the police, lets us know that she sneaks a decisions of her own from time to time, and she is a carrying mother. The boys shows the officer the dog, it is laying out in the bag yard. The little boy is quiet and sad, you can tell that he knows what is coming, and is about to say goodbye to a good friend, he might be lonely. All the time it feels like time is standing still and we all hold our breaths. The narrator has really made a scenically construction in this text, and writing a story about you who is the police officer, so that we see things from inside the officer's head, you feel that you are there, you can feel the pain, the awkwardness, and tell that everything is grey and slow. The officer feels sorry for the little boy, he does not like the thought of shooting the kids dog, and he certainly does not want to let the boy being able to see the gunshot wound...
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