Stolen Generation

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Stolen Generations, Bringing Them Home Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: August 19, 2012
Stolen Generation.
The Stolen Generations is known as one of the darkest chapters of Australia’s history. The term “Stolen generations” is used for Aboriginal people who were forcefully taken away from their families between the 1890s to 1970s, in many cases never to see their parents again. Children as young as babies were stolen and placed in boy and girl missionaries. Scarred for life by their experiences at the age of 18 the children were ‘released’ into white society. “I feel our childhood has been taken away from us and it has left a big hole in our lives” quotes Jennifer, personal story in the ‘Bringing them Home’ Report. In the removal of aboriginal children, white people stole their future. Knowledge, tradition, language, dances and spirituality could only remain if passed onto their children. The white people broke their tradition of life and hoped to end Aborignal culture within a short period of time to end ‘the Aboriginal problem’. The Stolen genereation began because the White Australians wanted the aboriginal people to die out. They believed within 3 genrations the Aboriginal genes would have ‘bred out’ when Aboriginal people had children with white people. Another reason for children being taken away was that authorites thoughtAboriginal parents would neglect their children. However there is evidence that malnutrition and starving children were caused by Aboriginal people not receiving their full wages they were owed. Aunty Rhond Collard a member of the stolen generations quotes “I grew up feeling alone, a black girl in a white world, I represented them for trying to make me white but they couldn’t wash away thousands of years of dreaming”. The Stolen children were raised on missions by white foster parents. They were completely cut off from the world and life they only knew. They were severally punished when caught talking Aboriginal language. Some Aboriginal children were taught their traditional language and received little education. The...
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