Stolen Bicycles

Topics: Bicycle, Theft, Velocipede Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: September 18, 2008
Can you image your bicycle suddenly disappears when you just leave it in a street a few minutes? Bicycles are convenience and popular vehicles. People like to ride them to work, travel, and exercise. China had 600 million bicycles. Every two people of its population have one bicycle. Stolen bicycles are big problem in china. Almost every family has been stolen at least one bicycle. I had two bicycles stolen within three years when I lived in China. When I shared this with my friends, many had their own stories of bicycles being stolen. The risk of stolen bicycle is very high because three reasons. Fist of all, using bicycles are very convenience. Residents usually work or study near their home. This is possible to ride a bicycle to work or school. In addition, public transportation is usually overcrowded and people spend time to wait for. Therefore, more citizens opt riding bicycles. Second, new bicycle price is expense. Brand new cost about 200 Yuan for ordinary bicycle. Mountain bicycle price is up to 1000 Yuan, so people prefer to buy a second-hand bicycle, which is cheaper and less likely to be stolen. I bought a new bicycle that cost 130 Yuan when my salary was 800 Yuan in ten years ago, then I sent 40 Yuan to buy an old bike from a black market after it was stolen.

Third, the management of bicycle is chaotic. Local police seldom check the bike’s registration in the street, so it is hard to recover the stolen bicycles by them and many bicycle owners do not bother reporting to the police when their vehicles are stolen. More over, even though there are over 10 people witnessed thieves stole a bicycle, but most of people do not care it is not related to them and they want to avoid conflict.

In conclusion, bicycle theft is quite common in China because bicycles are popular, expense, and there is lack of administration. For solving this problem, city government has to use effectively force to crack down on bicycle stealing and encourage public against...
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