Stoichometry Lab

Topics: Sodium chloride, Sodium, Chemistry Pages: 4 (893 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Stoichometry Lab
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to perform a chemical reaction and to have a percent yield of above 95%. That is to ensure a job at a major multi-national cosmetics corporation.

Equipment: Materials:
1. 2 Beakers 1. Na2CO3
2. Stirring Rod 2. Deionized water
3. Ring stand 3. CaCl2
4. Iron ring
5. Pipestem triangle
6. Funnel
8. Flask

Day 1
1. Put your beaker on the balance and rezero it. Then add about 1 g of Na2CO3 and record the mass. Remove the beaker and then add about 25 ml of deionized water. Then mix the substances with a stirring rod. 2. Perform step one again only this time add about 1 g of CaCl2. 3. Mix the contents of the two beakers after they have both thoroughly dissolved. 4. Set up the filtering system of a ring stand, iron ring, pipe stem triangle, and funnel. Then obtain a piece of filter paper and weigh it. 5. Form a cone with the filter paper and place it in the funnel. Place the flask under the funnel to catch the liquid coming out. Pour the mixtures into the filter paper, and rinse the beaker with deionized water to clear it of all of the mixture. 6. Get another beaker, label it, then weigh it.

7. After the mixture has been filtered, pull the filter paper out. Place it in the labeled beaker from the last step, then place it in the tub to dry.

Day 2
8. Weigh your beaker, and then dispose of the filter paper that contains the product.

|Item/Mass | | |Sodium Carbonate |1.01 g | |Calcium Chloride |1.01 g | |Filter Paper...
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