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Topics: Square number, Circle, Angle Pages: 3 (776 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Fast Intraday – There are basically four solstice dates which Mr. Gann said are most important according to the sun based system. He also said, divide the year by octave and you will get the proof of all the natural activities happen across the year. He insisted to divide the year further by octave and you will get the proof of Human behaviors which is fluctuating throughout the year.

The important dates are –
1- 21st March
2- 21st June
3- 22nd September
4- 21st December

Now if we divide the year by octave we get following dates – 1- 5th May
2- 5th August
3- 8th November
4- 4th February

Mr. Gann also said that “we use the squares of odd and even numbers to not only get the proof of markets but the cause also.” Here if we look into the Gann square of 9 diagrams we will understand that the natural squares of odd and even numbers happen to be on mid points of the four solstices. Meaning the squares of odd numbers coincidently are falling on the date 4th February and squares of even numbers are falling on the date 5th August.

The magic also lies in the mid points of the squares of odd and even numbers. The mid points do fall on yes you got it… The mid point falls on 5th May and 8th November which are the outcomes of the division of year by octave. So we have a strong argument that the nature and even the Stock markets are influential under the Octave based system.

Mr. Gann has said numerous times to use the 45 degree angle. Now the question arises of how he has derived this particular degree angle. The magic is the octave based system. The circle is the answer for everything in life. Take a small or big circle it has 360 degrees. Mr. Gann said that divide the circle by octave and you will get 45 degree angle.

Here we are trying to connect the octave based circle with the natural year based on octave. Because from various writings Mr. Gann has said that 45 degree is important and the solstices are important to find any...
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