Stock Market Game Report

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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October 10, 2011 was the day when I joined the Stock Market Game with $100,000. Over the term, I made $11,807 which means 11.8 % of profit. I started the game with buying popular stocks such as Apple, AT&T and Verizon. They were not making much profit. So I looked for a new way of making more profit and I started short selling trade. Walmart, Amazon and Apple were good stocks for short selling before thanksgiving week started. Because most of the consumers were waiting for thanksgiving sales keeping their money, those 3 companies’ stock prices were dropping. Right after thanksgiving week and sales started in almost every store, the stock market prices also started climbing, making it good for stock market buyers to buy stocks that can make profits. I traded with EBay, Sturbucks, Best Buy and other companies’ stocks and they made about 5% of profit in a week. At the same time some companies’ stock prices dropped making least money or losses and some of them were Verizon, Yahoo, Inc, Sky-Mobi Limited. Other stocks such as Citigroup Inc., Home Depot Inc., New York Times and Macy’s were making good profits in the month of November which I think because of the reason of people spending more money for those company goods than they do now. It was interesting that Education Management Corporation stock prices never dropped significantly, making profit from the beginning of the game. I did not sell the stock until I needed money for short selling of Velosity Shares Daily stocks which in turn made more than $1000 profit in 30 minutes. In the beginning of the game I had no idea of how to do business in stock market so I started watching real stock market news on TV and reading articles about how to trade. First, I started trading with popular stocks without paying attention to the price and changes. As time passed, I realized the changes in stock market and stocks were making loss. However, some of them were making profit by fortune. I was buying and after a...
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