Stock Management System

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Stock Management System

Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

CS6320 Project # 1 by

1. Introduction

1. System objectives and overall description

2. System boundaries

1. System context

2. System constraints and assumptions

2. Functional requirements

3. Non-functional quality requirements

4. Future requirements

5. Appendices

1. Context diagram

2. Entity-Relationship diagram

3. Data Flow diagram

4. Goal diagram

5. Sales Analysis diagram

6. Sales Analysis model

1. Introduction

There are supermarkets, suppliers, and warehouse managers in the system. The company has 500 supermarkets and a big warehouse. About 4000 items are stored in the warehouse. Each item is provided from exactly one supplier.

1.1. System Objectives and Overall Description

1.1.1. The Stock Management System (SMS) assumes control over the bookkeeping and accounting needed to operate a Warehouse for a company specializing in retail sales of food and groceries. All day-to-day operations of the warehouse, as well as conducted weekly accounting of the products stored in the warehouse and disbursed to participating supermarkets, will be performed by the software.

1.1.2. A considerable amount of accounting needed to operate a typical warehouse calls for a reliable and fast software tool to help the warehouse management handle flows of information regarding incoming and outgoing quantities of products and a stock inventory.

1.1.3. The problem of storage of the accounting documents such as invoices and orders would be solved.

1.1.4. Tedious arithmetic involved in the corresponding bookkeeping will be automated.

1.1.5. A cost of maintenance of a specially trained accounting professional in the warehouse would be saved by replacing this position with a software tool and a less costly data entry specialist.

1.2. System Boundary

1.2.1. System Context The SMS is located at central warehouse and keeps track of the stock level of each item in the warehouse, orders from supermarkets, and orders from the warehouse to the suppliers. Items and product groups and their quantities in the warehouse are all part of the system. The SMS will provide supermarket managers with the ability to enter ordering information directly into the system. But it also accepts the order by phone from the supermarket that doesn't have the connected computer system. In this case, a data entry specialist will handle the paper formats of orders and invoices. A convenient GUI (graphical user interface) will provide users with the ability to quickly enter the information from the incoming orders from the supermarkets and to output the invoices reflecting the outgoing flow of goods supplied to the supermarkets. To maintain the current level of the stock inventory, the system will be provided with easy-to-use ways of entering the product information such as names, quantities, purchasing/sales prices, and stock level. A database of records reflecting each in and out transaction will be automatically maintained. The SMS is supposed to provide the weekly sales analysis report reflecting the warehouse operations during the week in an automatic manner. A careful analysis and bookkeeping will be conducted regarding the delayed orders arising from insufficient stock levels happened during the week.

1.2.2. System Constraints and Assumptions The SMS assumes that all deliveries from warehouse to supermarkets are successfully completed, so there is no loss of item or delay on the way to the supermarkets. Therefore any trucking system is beyond the SMS boundary. The SMS assumes all suppliers have enough stocks, therefore whenever warehouse manager orders items, they can be delivered within 24 hours. Specific bookkeeping and accounting regulations reflecting...
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