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CASE –1 (20 Marks)
“I don’t want to hear your excuses. Just get those planes in the air,” john Vaz was screaming at his gate manager. As head of American Airlines’ operations at the Mexico City airport, Vaz has been consistently frustrated by the attitude displayed by his native employees. Transferred from Dallas to Mexico City only three months ago, Vaz was having difficulty adjusting to Mexican style of work. “Am I critical of these people? You bet I am! They don’t listen when I talk. They think things are just fine and fight every change I suggest. And they have no appreciation for the importance of keeping on schedule.”

If Vaz is critical of his Mexico City staff, it’s mutual. They universally dislike him. Here’s a few anonymous comments made about heir boss: “He’s totally insensitive to our needs.” “He thinks if he yells and screams that things will improve. We don’t see it that way.” “I’ve been working here for four years. Before he came here, this was a good place to work. Not anymore. I’m constantly in fear of being chewed out. I feel stress all the time, even at home. My husband has started commenting on it a lot.”

Vaz was brought in specifically to tighten up the Mexico City operation. High on his list of goals is improving American’s on-time record in Mexico City, increasing productivity, and improving customer service. When Vaz was asked if he thought he had any problems with his staff, he replied, “Yep. We just can’t seem to communicate.”

1. Does John Vaz have a communication problem? Explain.
2. What suggestions, if any, would you make to John to help him improve his managerial effectiveness?
3. Ineffective communication is the fault of the sender. Do You agree or disagree? Discuss. 4. What can you do to improve the likelihood that you r communication will be received and understood as you intend.

CASE –2 (20 Marks)
The reality of software development is a huge company like Microsoft-it employs more than 48,000 people- is that a substantial portion of your work involves days of boredom punctuated by hours of tedium. You basically spend your time in an isolated office writing code and sitting in meetings during which you participate in looking for and evaluating hundreds of current employees and potential employees. Microsoft has no problem in finding and retaining software programmers. Their programmers work for very long hours and obsess on the goal of shipping product. From the day new employees begin at Microsoft, they know they are special. New hires all have one thing in common-they are smart. The company prides itself on putting all recruits through a grueling “interviewing loop”, during which they confront a barrage(an overwhelming number of questions or complaints) of brain-teasers by future colleagues to see how well they think. Only the best and the brightest survive to become employees. The company does this because microsofties truly believe that their company is special. For example, it has high tolerance for non-conformity, would you believe that one software tester comes to work everyday dressed in extravagant Victorian outfits? . But the underlying theme that unites Microsofties is the belief that the firm has a manifest destiny to change the world.

The least important decision as programmer can have a large importance which it can affect a new release that might be used by 50 million people.
Microsoft employees are famous for putting in long hours. One program Manager said “In my First Five Years, I was the Microsoft stereotype. I lived on caffeine and vending-machine hamburgers and free beer and 20-hour work-days……I had no life…..I considered everything outside the building as a necessary evil”. More recently things have changed. There are still a number of people who put in 80-hour weeks, but 60 and 70 hour weeks are more typical and some even are doing their jobs in only 40 hours.

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