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Job Description: Level 2 Teaching Assistant


In addition to the duties for a Level 1 Teaching Assistant, a Level 2 Teaching Assistant will also:

Support for the pupil

• assist pupils in carrying out schemes of work and programmes set by teaching staff;

• support pupils’ in their individual learning and development, for example, in their acquisition of cognitive and learning skills;

• help pupils to develop their literacy and numeracy skills, and thus to improve their attainment across the curriculum.

Support for the teacher

• contribute to the planning and evaluation of learning activities;

• assist in the recording of pupils’ progress.

Support for the school

• assist the teaching staff in the smooth transition between educational phases;

• assist in the preparation of reports on pupils' performance, and contribute to the maintenance of pupils' records;

• liaise effectively with parents and other parties, as required.

STL5 – K2

|Role | |Head teacher also child protection officer, responsible for the welfare of all the staff and pupils’. Any concerns over child protection issues I will refer them | |to the head. | | | |Responsible for the smooth running of the school and the welfare of both staff and pupils. | |That the curriculum follows national guidelines | |That school offers activities and facilities that are inclusive to all students needs and abilities | | | |We have Assistant Principals who deal with Finances, Health and Safety issues, Human Resources and all staff related matters including staff well being and staff | |development | |Deputy head – If I have any concerns about the welfare of a pupil I could also refer them to this person. | | | |There is also an Educational Welfare Officer who is available to discuss the needs of pupils. Any areas of concern would be passed to the appropriate department | |i.e. school nurse, year tutor or, if necessary, an outside agency. | |Head of Departments / Key stage manager – e.g. responsible for the curriculum of their subject / area. Any issues I have with pupils’ learning and difficulties in| |these areas I will refer to them. | |The only department manager I would deal with is the SENco as I do not support any lessons with senior staff. | | | |The...
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