Stitch and Mrs. Wright

Topics: Stitch, Marriage, Year of birth missing Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: April 19, 2012
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Questions :
1. What attitude towards woman do the sherriff and the County Attorney express? How do Mrs.peters and Mrs. Hale react to these sentiments? -The reaction of the sherriff was one that showed that he really believed that the weren’t going to be very usefull in any way and the County’s attitude was more of a flirtatious manner. - They both do not pay much attention to their sentiments.

2. Why does the County Attorney care so much about discovering a motive for the killing ? -Not only is it because is his job to find the reason to the murder and understand what happen so he can present it in court to a certain point it was because he wanted to show how professional and amazing he is it began to hurt his pride as a successful Attorney. 3. What does Glaspell show us about the position of women in this early twentieth-century community ? - That to the mens point of view and in society they are only seen as a house wife that must clean ,cook and take care of her man or as a potential lover whom you sway easily. 4. What do we learn about married life of the Wrights? By what means is this knowledge revealed to us ? -That it wasent very active or happy even though Mrs. Wright use to be full of life and use to sing in choir - This is revealed to us by the women’s knowledge and memories of the Wrights 5.What is the of this play and how does it help us understand Mrs wrights deed? - It is the house of the Wrights

- because it is seen as so lifeless and so many things are incomplete and messy that it helps us understand how Mrs wright had to endure not only that but within the messy kitchen there is the reason of why Mrs. Wright killed her husband and it also explains why she did it the way that she did 6.What do you infer from the wildly stitched block in Minnies quilt? Why does Mrs. Hale rip out the crazy stitches? - I infer many things...
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