Still Water Run Deep

Topics: Truth, 2000s music groups, Cat Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Still water runs deep

➢ The tongue is not steel yet cuts
➢ Hunger is the best sauce
➢ I will not dance to every fool’s pipe
➢ Hungry bellies have no ears
➢ A danger foreseen is half avoided
➢ The cat and the dog may kiss yet are none the better friends ➢ Escaped mouse will never forget the taste of bait
➢ Fanned fire and forced love never did well
➢ An open door may tempt a saint
➢ One can not be in love and be wise
➢ Love me, love my dog
➢ Fact is stronger than fiction
➢ Face is index of mind
➢ Beggars cannot be choosers
➢ Ill comes by ells and goes out by inches
➢ Ignorance of law is no excuse
➢ If you can kiss the mistress never kiss the maid
➢ Hope is a good breakfast a bad supper.
➢ Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
➢ Opportunity makes the thieves.
➢ All truths are not to be told
➢ The hand that rock the cradle rule the world
➢ Beg from the beggars and you will never be rich
➢ The belly teaches all the arts
➢ Well begun is half done.
➢ Seeing is believing.
➢ Better late than never
➢ Better an open enemy than a false friend
➢ Better be alone than in bad company
➢ Between the devil and the deep sea
➢ To put the cart before the horse
➢ Who is going to bell the cat
➢ Charity begins at home
➢ Children and fools speaks the truth
➢ Two is company, three is crowd
➢ A man is known by the company he keeps
➢ Every couple is not a pair
➢ To cry with one eye and laugh with other
➢ Custom without reason is but ancient error
➢ Better pass a danger than be always in fear
➢ Danger past God forgotten
➢ In every country dog bites
➢ Empty vessels make much noise
➢ Its easy to fall than rise
➢ In love one always fall
➢ Every pleasure has a pain
➢ Forbidden fruit is sweet
➢ Head I win, tails you lose
➢ Two heads are better than one
➢ It is sad house where the hen crows louder than the cock ➢ The humble hearts have humble desires
➢ Keep your mouth shut and eyes...
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