Still Water Distillery

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International Marketing
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Project Outline
Still Water Distillery

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Still Water Distillery
‘Still Water Distillery’ is a Canada was founded by Barry Stein and Barry Bernstein. It deals with alcoholic products. It makes different type of whisky, vodka, wine etc. Still Water Distillery is a leading company which did many changes in Canadian market by introducing many new products as now they are launching their new product ‘London Dry” Gin. In this project we are selecting India to export our product because in India there are many opportunities for ‘still Water Distillery’.

Why India?
For export of our products we choose India because in India consumption of alcohol is very high. In its two states Kerala and Punjab we can get more customers because in these two states consumption of alcohol is highest. Along with this India provides the huge market because its population is very high. Moreover, for alcohol Indian market is increasing 10% per year.

Business Opportunities
Canada is doing business worldwide and covering a huge area. Canada is world second largest exporter of liquor products. With this we are clear with the potential of Canada in export of liquor products. In India there are many good opportunities for Still Water Distillery to export its products. India is an emerging global market with more than 1.1 billon people. In India major of population consume liquor on daily basis and occasionally too. And Indian people like imported liquor a lot. That’s why Still Water Distillery has many great chances to grasp these opportunities in India.

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