Sticks and Stones.

Topics: Psychological trauma, The Reader, Debut albums Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Sticks and Stones

As a child, you can be so traumatized that you will never recover. The trauma can be several different things. But parental failure, mistrust, and abuse are some of the most horrible things a child can be exposed to. Some children are never able to let their traumas go, so they can live on with their lives. And therefor it will keep hunting them for the rest of their existence. Questions like “Why didn’t my mother belief me?”, “Why my?” and a lot of similar questions will always be right there, right in the back of your head. Ready to strike when you least expect it, and in that way, strike the hardest. Exactly like in “Sticks and Stones” where Lewis is wondering what would had happened if his mother and the headmaster had done something before it was too late.

In “Sticks and Stones” the agent ‘flashback’ is used repeatedly. Mostly to show the reader why Lewis is, whom he is at this point of his life, and to show why he has not been able to go on with his life. It is furthermore to show how the traumas have shaped the boy into an obsessed man. The flashbacks are used to make the reader almost feel the pain that Lewis felt by being ignored by his mother, when he cried for help after the incident on the edge. “Even when his mouth healed, and it was easier to say the words, she didn’t believe him. “It’s all in your mind,” she said” (p. 11, ll. 119-120) Flashbacks are also a means to get the reader caught up in the story. It creates a different frame of mind, than it would if it was Lewis who where telling the story. It allows the reader to make foreshadowing about how the story turns out and by that means picture a different outcome and get surprised.

Lewis is without a doubt influenced by the episode that he experienced as a child. He is obsessed with it and can not let it rest. He is leading his obsession on to those who are close to him. But eventually they get enough. “”It’s become...
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