Steven Truscott

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  • Published : December 14, 2008
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Steven Truscott, a man done in by the justice system. An event that should have never happened. Many other suspects that were never seriously pursued. Articles and files that are never revealed, or kept secret for awhile. All in all, this is one case justice got wrong.

Through the Truscott case there are many witnesses, some defending Truscotts’ case, some against him. Jocelyne Gaudet was an important child witness to testify against Steven, but police notes exposed to view fissures in her story. The missing witness the crown kept cryptic was a vital witness who said “she saw Steve and Lynne riding down the county road on the way to the highway”. There were a few more witnesses adding to the case.

Through the years Truscott has been fighting to acquit himself of the charges placed against him by police for Lynne Harpers murder. June 9, 1959 Steve is seen taking Lynne on a short bicycle ride near an air force base situated near Clinton, Ontario. Two days later Lynne’s body is found in a nearby wood. Truscott is arrested and charged with the murder of Lynne Harper. Truscott is found guilty and sentenced to death. January 22, 1960 Truscott’s death sentence is commuted to life. In 1966 Isabel Lebourdais book “The Trial of Steven Truscott”sparks a public uproar.

The ordeal that Trustcott has been through, it has shown that the legal system does have flaws and that the courts can not get the right person every time. Science has a long way to go. If anything, justice is blind.

One of Laws worst cases documents that are both kept tucked away and forgotten for so many years are revealed. Many of the suspects still remain unpursued. Is was a mistake in history that can not be undone. Steven Truscott beat the justice system afterall those years of doing him wrong.
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