Steven Stosny Anger

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Steven Stosny is the new popular face. The Guru of anger. He experienced the uncontrolled anger, at the age of 3 by his father. He doesn’t work on this stimulus, but his life drive him to became psychologist and define the people’s anger. Only few researches exist about anger’s structure, because it is not so friendly population to studying. Domestic violence, for example, is very difficult and sensitive term to approach. Several opinions exist, about which emotion borne anger. Researchers provide, from one hand, the positive expression of anger, for self defense. From the other hand is the negative expression of anger, the aggression. Before S.Stosny theories focuses on disability to controlling the negative emotions and try to deal with it through the “anger management”. Anger management is based on cognitive behavior, which tries to solve the problem by remove the aggression by relaxing technique. But this way doesn’t always work and it just covers the unpleasant reactions. Another approach, the “Duluth model” provides the men’s need to overrule on women. S.Stosny believes that the aggression is product on unexpressed shame and guilt. The people who are aggressive feel powerless and in some cases victims of their environment. Stonsy try to deal with it by replaced the bullying with compassion. He emphasizes to the steps of how aggression is recycled and proposes the term “anger junkies”. He maintains that if we broke this cycle, we can change the anger behavior. Through these details he made a structure of angers therapy. A 14-week workshop in which the peoples learn to avoid aggression, through the continuously practice. Over more he developed five steps, by which patients can face with the anger the moment when they became violent and replace it with compassion. He named these steps HEALS. Steven’s Stosny innovation including in he’s book “Stop walking on eggshells” and the opinions about it is many and different. Some Researchers support that Stosny...
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