Steve Jobs the Man

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  • Published : May 15, 2010
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Steve Jobs "The best leader of 05"
Steve Paul Jobs is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple Inc, which he co-founded with Steve Wozniak in 1976 when he was just 21 years old. Steve Jobs is also the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios which has grossed more than $4 billion and has won 20 Academy Awards so far. In 2006, Pixar merged with The Walt Disney Company and Steve Jobs now serves on the Walt Disney Company’s board of directors and is the largest individual share holder of Walt Disney. Steve Jobs after a conflict with Apple’s board of directors resigned from Apple in 1985 and founded a new company called NeXT the following year. Apple Inc’s take over of NeXT in the year 1997 reunited Steve Jobs with the company he had co-founded and became its CEO shortly after his return. Steve Jobs is known for revolutionizing the world of personal computer with his innovative user interfaces. Steve Jobs is also famous for revolutionizing the music market with his iPods and iTunes online store. Steve Jobs has also entered into the cell phone market with Apple iPhone. Apple has earned the name the most innovative consumer electronics company in the world due to the contribution of Steve Jobs.

Early Life
Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali in San Francisco. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Santa Clara County, California. During his school days in California he used to attend the after-school lectures at the Hewlett-Packard Company. Later he joined the company as summer employee along with Steve Wozniak. In 1972 he joined Reed College in Portland, Oregon after graduating from high school. However he dropped out of the college after one semester and spent his time in college by taking classes in philosophy and devoting time to study counterculture. In 1974 Steve Jobs went back to California and attended meetings of Hombrew Computer Club with Steve Wozniak. He joined a video games manufacturing company as a game designer. His primary motive was to save money to go on a trip to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. After saving enough money he went to India with his friend from Reed College, Dan Kottke and returned back with his head shaved and wearing traditional Indian clothes. He returned to his job at Atari and was given the task of reducing the number of chips in the circuit board for the game Breakout. Having little knowledge in design of circuit boards, Steve Jobs joined hands with Wozniak and successfully reduced the number of chips by 50. Although Wozniak was content with inventing electronic gadgets, Steve Jobs had bigger dreams of marketing the electronic products. Steve Jobs was fascinated by a computer built by Wozniak for his own use. He then persuaded Wozniak to join him in building and marketing a personal computer. Steve Jobs and Wozniak built a prototype of Apple 1 computer in Jobs’ garage. The prototype impressed a local electronics equipment retailer who gave an initial order of twenty five. With this initial order and a sum of $1300 raised by selling Jobs’ Volkswagen micro-bus and Wozniak’s Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator they set up their first production line.
Jobs asked Wozniak to quit his job at Hewlett-Packard and take charge as Vice President of research and development of the new company. Jobs received marketing advice and strategies from a former CEO of Intel who happened to be his friend. As a result the Apple Computer Co was born on April 1, 1976. Though Apple started with the marketing of printed circuit boards it gradually entered into the personal computer business. The Birth of Apple Computer

The first personal computer marketed by the Apple Computer Co. was Apple I in 1976. Apple I was sold for $666.66. Apple I was sold as an assembled circuit board (motherboard) with CPU, RAM and textual-video chips. It lacked basic features...
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