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Topics: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The impact that his leadership has had on the development of Apple

By Marcela Ostap 11010351

After reading the article ''The real Leadership lessons of Steve Jobs'' by Walter Issacson I have made a conclusion that Steve Jobs was using  transformational leadership . Transformational leaders exhibit strong set of internal values-effective at motivating followers to act in a way that support the greater good rather than their own self-interests.(Kuhnert, 1994)

The strong evidene that he was using this theory because oof his ''manipulative'' behaviour he is considered by some of his employees as autocratic. His behaviour in meetings for instance is described as being rude,authoritative and obnoxious and his rules were: Focus, simplify, take responsibility end to end,when behind leapfrog,put products before profits, dont be a slave to focus groups,bend reality,impute,push for perfection,Tolerate only ''A'' players,engage face to face,know both big picture and the details, combine the humanities with the sciences,stay hungry stay foolish. (Isaacson,2012) Meaning a leader has a capacity to do something through talent and skill. Talent is natural ability and skill proficiency gained through training and experience. I know people whose natural leadership ability was close to zero but through training,experience and most of all,persistence,they became great leaders. Leadership empowers,meaning a leader adjusts the state of the surrounding and people.A leader carefully observes those states and discerns significance looking for how to adapt the setting most effectively. Leadership empower,meaning a leader inspires confidence and slef-esteem.And that inspiration comes in many flavors.Some leaders inspire by bold talk, others by soft talk,and others by their example.There are many ways to empower rather than a single way.Leadership fosters...
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