Steve Jobs

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Steve Jobs


Emrah Rustamov

Steve Jobs
          Walter Isaacson, the author of the novel Steve Jobs, has written a series of popular biographical and autobiographical books. Walter Isaacson wrote a book about Einstein which all of us know him as the theoretical physicist. The book is called Einstein after his name. It is New York Times bestselling biography of Albert Einstein. The novel Steve Jobs is a biography of Steve Jobs.

Let’s start talking about the cover it is pure white background and a picture of Steve Jobs with his ring on his ring finger and a black turtleneck. The thing with Steve Jobs was that he judged a book by its cover so the main question is that should other people do the same thing with his book? I would recommend not too. The book cover was kept simple because there is nothing else you can put on it. The title is Steve Jobs and the picture of Steve Jobs.

The beginning of the book was a bit hard to understand for me because he was adopted and everything. But later on in the book he was stabbed behind his back which I have went through that so I know how it feels so I wanted to read more and more.

Every time Steve Jobs was saying that he was a special kid. He was put for an adoption by his parents, so he had a question of why he was put for an adoption. But when he had a kid he didn’t want to take care of her first and refused that she wasn’t his child.

Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer in his early life, which name him go on diets eating same fruits and vegetables every day. Steve Jobs had to put on a mask but he refused because he didn’t like the design. Then Steve Jobs was put on an empty room for 9 years with a computer and pictures.

Steve Jobs never cares what people thought about him. This was called Steve’s Reality distortion field. He lived through this his whole life. Since he thought he was special he thought that normal rules did not apply to him at all. When he was going 100 miles an hour...
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