Steve Jobs

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Steve Jobs

Jade Alexie Scott-Barria Ms.Fama September24, 2012 Timeline (February 24 1955 – October 5 2011)

February 24, 1955 - Steven Paul was born in San Francisco. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Summer 1968 – When Steve Jobs was 13-years-old he got a summer job at the HP factory. 1969 – 1972 – Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak at the HP factory, who shares his same passion for electronics. They later become business partners. 1973 – Steve attends Reed College, Oregon, and then drops out after the first semester. 1974 - Steve got his first job at video game maker Atari.

April 1976- Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated. Together, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak created a global powerhouse that would later define a generation. 1976- Jobs and Woz start making the first Apple I computers in the Jobse’s garage. Also selling them to computer hobbyists, and introducing the first Apple at the Personal Computing Festival in Atlantic City. January 1977- Former Intel executive Mike Markkula invests in Apple. 1978- The Apple II is the first personal computer to have colour graphics. In 1979 sales skyrocketed. May 1980- Apple III was launched and failed.

December 1980- Apple goes public, increasing Steve Jobs’ net to over $200 million. August 1981- When the IBM launches the IBM PC; it was the biggest threat to Apple’s future. January 1986- Jobs buys the computer division of George Lucas’ ILM for $10 million and incorporates it as Pixar. Pixar’s first short film Luxo Jr. was one of the first computer-animated work of art. April 1989- Inc. Magazine names Steve Jobs 'Entrepreneur of the decade'. November 1995 – After struggling throughout the 90’s Pixar goes public one week after the release of Toy Story and raises...
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