Steve Biko

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  • Published: May 9, 2001
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I Write What I Like By Steve Biko "You are either alive and proud or you are dead"¦"(Biko 152). Steve Biko was proud to be alive and proud to be black. This book is made up of essays, articles, speeches, and interviews of Steve Biko. Steve Biko has a very unique and interesting style of rhetoric. He is humorous and yet serious at the same time. His rhetoric is very influential and yet it has a very friendly and relaxed tone to it. These things combined make his writings very easy and enjoyable to read. The book takes a chronological look at Steve Biko's writings between 1969, the time in which he became the president of SASO and 1978, shortly before his detention and then death. Steve Biko is an authority on the struggle of blacks (mainly students) in South Africa. SASO stands for the South African Student Organization. He became an authority by living and experiencing it all first hand. After reading this book I think that Steve Biko has really captured a hold of what blacks have to do to win their independence. As the book goes on one can start to see how Steve's views and ideas change and evolve as he experiences more and more.

After Steve became president of SASO he wrote down the aims and goals of SASO. What we want is not black visibility but real black participation (Biko 4). Steve made it clear that SASO was not challenging NUSAS as the true national union of students in South Africa. But he did say that SASO criticizes the dichotomy between principle and practice found in the organization. The main point in all of the writings in this book relate to black consciousness blacks taking control of their own lives, starting with their view of themselves as a black individual. Being black is not a matter of pigmentation "" being black is a reflection of a mental attitude (Biko 48). Steve goes on to say that being black is not an aberration from the "normal" which is white. In order for blacks to get rid of their subservient roles in South African society,...
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