Steve Bartman and the Chicago Cubs

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Dan Leible
English 102
Mrs. Grant
Media Spin/ Bias
Steve Bartman and The Chicago Cubs
The Chicago Cubs had not made it to the world series since 1908 and in 2003 they were very close to making it there. Fans all across the world today will tell you that because of one play, the Cubs did not make it. That play being the foul ball hit to Steve Bartman. But is Steve Bartman really to blame? Or did the fans and media outlets use him as a scapegoat?

It was game six of the Championship Series and the Cubs were up 3-0 in the eighth inning. The first batter in the inning had gotten out and Luis Castillo was at the plate. He hit a fly ball to the left field foul line towards the stands. Moises Alou had a beat on the ball. The ball was tailing more foul towards the stands and Alou had jumped and attempted a wall climb putting his glove over the wall and into the stands. Steve Bartman and various other fans attempted to catch the ball. Alou was about to catch it, then the ball struck Bartmans hands. Causing it to miss Alou’s glove and not make the second out of the inning. Little did Steve Bartman know, that play will change his life and haunt him for the rest of his life.

Alou was very frustrated with the play, almost throwing his glove to the ground in anger. The fans feed off his anger and started to heckle Bartman. But this was only a small taste of what was going to happen. After the play the opposing team, the Florida Marlins managed to score one run and had base runners on second and third, still one out. The next batter hit a ground ball towards the shortstop Alex Gonzalez. But Gonzalez was unable to make the play, unable to get a single out. After the play the Marlins managed to score eight runs that inning. But the blame for the catastrophic inning was not put on Alex Gonzalez, instead put on Steve Bartman.

After the infamous foul ball the announcers kept playing the replay of it and blaming Bartman for the play not being made. This is what...
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