Steroid Essay

Topics: Testosterone, Anabolic steroid, Steroid Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Tyler Schroeder-Zelek
Mr. Murphy/ Mrs. Jurik
Sophomore English Honors
November 29, 2012
Anabolic Steroids

Do you know what an Anabolic Steroid is? Do you know what it can do to you? Anabolic steroids are the most used in sports and the most deadly, but can only be stopped if the government funds testing for drugs. 8 out of 10 people who use the Anabolic Steroid Diana Bol see side effects after their first use! D-Bol, aka Diana Bol, is a drug that raises your testosterone levels in your body which leads to when working out bigger muscle pumps which conclude to bigger muscle gains at a much faster rate than people not using steroids. This is why all professional sports make steroid illegal for use of athletes because it gives them a very big unfair advantage.

Anabolic steroids is a group of steroids that are mainly used by athletes. There are two main drugs that are mainly used by athletes that are Diana Bol and Adderall. Diana Bol is a drug that helps increase the time in which it takes to build muscle. It gives off muscle pumps which is after your done working out is it continues to work out for you. Your body naturally does this after you work out, but because Diana Bol raises your testosterone levels it makes the muscle pump longer than usually. This drug is prescribed by doctors but at very low dosages to people would cannot build muscle on their own without it. Con doctors have taken this steroid and modified it to be more powerful. The second one is Adderall, as we know it as ADD medicine. This gives the athletes that mental motivation and concentration to get through painful training camps that go sometimes 16 hours a day. Adderall is the new big thing for athletes in all sports to becoming better because this gives them the mindset and concentration of getting through all the pain.

Now you know what the two big Anabolic steroids are and what they do, but you do not know on what they can really do to yourself. When taking Diana...
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