Steriods in Sports Should Be Banned

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Sheila Sim
Mrs. Virginia Link-Pease
English 122
02 October 2010
Steroid Use in Sports Should Be Banned
Day by day professional athletes are being praised for their ability and accomplishments in their respective sports. The professional athletes that are succeeding the most are generally using performance enhancing drugs, other known as anabolic steroids (Mayo Clinic). Anabolic steroids are drugs which imitate the effect of the male sex hormone, Testosterone. The cells producing protein increase and then turn into cellular tissue build up in the muscles. The professional athletes that are taking advantage of the performance enhancing drugs, or steroids, should be prohibited from their particular sports, if not terminated from the sport; the consequences should be much severe.

Steroids originated from the Germans in the 1930s. They were first tested on dogs and then on their own soldiers in World War 2. In about the 1950s European and Russian athletes began using steroids and began to take over their competitions and much more (Chem-Online). In the late 1950s a physician athlete by the name of John Ziegler discovered the advantage of using steroids. After Ziegler found out how helpful they were, he began prescribing steroids to his friends who were talented athletes. After many athletes began abusing steroids and they began to disregard the possible health risks the (International Olympic Committee) IOC banned steroid use in all Olympic athletes because it was considered cheating and unfair (Chittom/Griswold).

In the past ten years, there has been a great deal of controversy about steroid use in professional baseball. Baseball players that can be easily pointed out for using steroids are the ones hitter homeruns just about every game. Most professional baseball players have a similar drive in the game, and want to succeed best at what they do. Every now and then you will have a player that has the most hits, most homeruns, and is on top of the list...
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