Stereotyping the South

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Olivia Beck
Rough Draft
People from the southern states are put into a group called Southerners. People are stereotyped as soon as you find out where they’re from, from Virginia to Georgia and over to Tennessee, people from the Southern region are referred to as “Rednecks.” They have an image of being a person with bad personal hygiene, drive old beat down trucks and spit chewing tobacco. Southerners have had this reputation since the early 1900’s when slavery was prominent and the stereotype is still strongly alive today. There are two different stereotypes of Southern people, one as the dirty, illiterate, and one as the well-mannered southern gentleman Southerners are known to be illiterate, dirty, racist, old fashioned and violent along with other things. You see stereotyping everywhere now days, from commercials to movies to everyday life. They were given nicknames that now classify them into the southern stereotype such as, redneck, cracker, hillbilly and white trash. Poor white southern farmers were given the term Redneck from working outside all day and getting burned on the back of their necks. They worked only enough to get by with what they needed and no more. This is why they are also known as lazy. Southern people did not believe in the way of life that you worked every possible hour of the day to be able to have nice material things. It was not necessary to overindulge in life, it was just enough for the simpler things in life, food on the table, a large, healthy family, prosperous fields, and healthy farm animals.

Southerners are very well known for their traditional foods and culture. You will never find frog legs, catfish, cornbread, biscuits and gravy in New York or California. Those foods are traditional to the South. A tradition for the South during tragedies is to bring a plate of home-made food for the family during their time of mourning; it’s considered a way to show sympathy. Southerners are also known to have good manners, yes mam,...
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