Stereotyping in Today's World

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Aguilar 1
David Aguilar
Genevieve Zuidervaart
English 099
October 21, 2012
Stereotyping in Todays World
In this world there are many things people are guilt of, one of those guilt is stereotyping. Due to racism, discrimination, and sexuality stereotyping has been a major effect on social groups in society today. Often, people don’t realize what their actions are capable of doing, and don’t realize the damage they have left behind until they’re actually done it; this only brings negative consequences amongst themselves as to why they did it.

One major effect that stereotyping has is racism. Racism, in most cases, can result into hatred of each individual of the subjected race, which can lead to discrimination and hate crimes. Racism, in it's most frequently used term, is created when people dislike a certain characteristic attributed to a significant amount of individuals of a certain race, yet, would dislike the race itself and not just the individuals possessing subjected characteristic. In the short story Black Men and Public Space, Brent Staples discusses, “ that no one should be treated unfairly; due to their skin color, race, or personal background.”(270) For example, people shouldn’t make an effort to stereotype because majorities only look at their appearances rather than what they truly are capable of. One common asset society claims to stereotype would be that “All Mexicans (which is usually what some people call all people of Latino descent) are illegal.” Which in most cases that stereotypical comment can be offensive, and racist. Also, hate is a negative emotion that Aguilar 2

generates anger. Anger leads to violence, and violence is a crime. Thus, when people commit crimes against someone of the subjected race because they attempt to combat the stereotypes they dislike, chances are, they'd get charged for a hate crime.

Another major effect that stereotyping leads to is discrimination. Discrimination can lower your self-esteem and make...
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