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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Cassandra Britt
PHI 103 Informal Logic
Professor Anna Morrison
January 14, 2013

When I started looking and thinking about stereotypes the first one that comes to mind is single mom. When you think of single mothers, people always feel that the person is on welfare and not able to take care of her children or herself. That is really a misconception. Sometimes the mother may have chosen to have a child and raise it by herself. The spouse could have passed away and the mother chooses to not remarry. There is numerous reason why a woman chooses to be a single parent. I myself encounter this when I had my first child growing up in the church and with my own family and friends. I wasn’t allowed to sing in the choir, people constantly talked about you behind your back. I felt that it was all because my parents had divorced, but both of them were still active in our lives. “There’s no question that single-mother families struggle in ways that two-parent families don't. Unmarried women juggling jobs and children are apt to have less money, less time and fewer emotional resources to devote to their kids” (Banks, 2012). The big picture is that there are single mothers that are not on welfare and have a wonderful support system. “The label "single mother" doesn't recognize that. Its fallout swirls around all of us raising children without fathers, like the dust cloud that followed Pig Pen around in those old "Peanuts" comics” (Banks, 2012). The terms are straightforward Single: not married, widowed, divorced or never married and Mother: female parent. I feel that people should stop prejudging you just because you are a single mother. Women have children every day, but it does not mean they are not able to care for them or fall under the category of being on welfare. I feel we should support our young mothers that don’t have the resource that working middle-class mothers have. We all need some type of support and don’t feel like...
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