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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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RUNNING HEAD: Stereotyping Effects page 1

The Lasting Negative Impacts of Stereotyping Tiffanie LeBlanc Heather Hensell PHI 103 October 15, 2012

Effects of Stereotyping 2
Stereotyping is the way to use the fixed images of people belonging to a group, which have a tendency to categorize people based on a group they belong to rather than processing the information individually. Generalization usually comes before stereotyping, in order to generalize certain groups of people. For example, David lives in Morgan City, Louisiana. This is primarily a Cajun area, where everyone there loves eating crawfish. Hence, David loves eating crawfish. In that case, people are stereotyping David, which in fact David might or might not love crawfish as he is originally from North Carolina (Yzerbyt, Spears, McGarty 2002).

Stereotyping triggers the mindset that has been collectively programming to set up that each group has the same pattern, which in fact it may be different with the perception to certain things. In the worst case, stereotyping may lead to possibility of racism, exclusion and personal discrimination towards ethnic identity, culture, occupation, age, sex, education grounds and some more (Kemick, 2010). I have personally been a victim of stereotyping my entire life. Being a quadriplegic, people assume all sorts of things about me. For example, she cannot walk or use her hands; hence she...
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