Stereotypes: Stereotype and Wild Colonial Boy

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  • Published : January 31, 2012
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A stereotype is how people and other countries categorise individuals/groups according to an oversimplified standardised image or idea. The Australian stereotype, as thought of by other countries mainly consists of kangaroos, koalas, boomerangs, Crocodile Dundee, didgeridoo, crocodiles, dingoes, convicts, footy, Crocodile Hunter, the outback, g’day mate, crickey, bugger, etc. The Australian stereotypes that emerged from colonial texts, such as ‘The Man from Snowy River’, ‘The Ballad of the Drover’ and ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’, portrayed Australians as brave, courageous, passionate, determined, impulsive, proud and not to be underestimated. An example of Australians determination in ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’ is the following quote, “Together we will plunder, together we will die”. The same qualities were written of in the World War One texts, such as ‘Boys of Blood and Bone’. This is what Andy thought when he was shot in the front, “He was only emotion now - in thought and memory, of the present and of the past. His life of doing was over. It would not be added to now, but he did know he had done his duty - but that was like a second of his life, and that second was gone. It was love he was remembering; he remembered his people and the land as love, his horses grazing under the gums, his mum and dad,”. The Australian stereotype was displayed greatly, with respect and honour, Australians were heroes.

The stereotypes represented in the colonial day texts displayed Australians in a heroic, respectful way with rugged landscapes and rebellious blokes. Nowadays, the stereotypes used to represent Australia are still mostly the same, they’re just displayed in a more exaggerated and humorous way (The Simpsons). Also our culture has changed a bit, the average blokes don’t go galloping over mountains on their trusted steeds... They drive through the city and stick to the road rules. Any law breaking and you’ll easily get caught, fined and sent to a court, even...
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