Stereotypes of Women in the Hip-Hop Culture

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15 March 2010
Stereotypes of Women in the Hip-Hop Culture
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there were no stereotyping in America. Stereotyping has been around for quite a long time and women in particular have been stereotyped for numerous reasons. There are various things in society today that put women down for the things they do. Hip hop music and their music videos have been around since the 1980’s and continues to be very popular among young people, especially the young men and women of America. The media tends to exploit women’s natural sex appeal in such a perverse way that they are corrupting the youth of today and presenting a perception of life that does not exist.

There are a lot of music lyrics in the rap and hip hop genres today that pretty much perceive women as “skanks” for the clothing they wear. It is sad to say that our culture of movies and not just song lyrics revolves so much around women dressing in a sexy manner. “According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), up to 75 per cent of music videos contain sexually suggestive material”(Media Awareness Network 1). It is also said that many of these types of videos “glamorize” alcohol and tobacco use, plus fifty percent contain violent acts toward women (Media Awareness Network 1).

Most of these videos, such as 50 Cents “candy shop,” contain women who are not popular in the media. They are women who audition for parts because they think they have the “looks” or skills to be a part in a video. What the producer is just trying to do is make the song an excellent “marketing tool” for the artist (Media Awareness Network 1). This in return brings in a large sum of money to the recording company. This is also how the women in the videos get paid. So in essence, I believe the women are getting used by these companies to bring in money for them. In return, women in general are then stereotyped as sex objects. Due to...
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