Stereotypes in Modern World

Topics: Family, Time, Parent Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Stereotypes in a Modern World.
The stereotype that all is well at the time which exists in our society is one of the most stable. According to this stereotype, the average citizen of Kazakhstan should finish school no later than 18 years old, finish the university at least at the age of 30, to begin his own adult life and leave the parental care at somewhere about 22 years, to start a family and have children - in the range of 25 to 35 years old, go to retirement at the age of 58 (women) and 63 (for men). According to this stereotype in Kazakhstan, the daughter should be married and go to live in the house of her husband at 25 years, and the eldest son must always live in his parents’ house even being married. The rest of children –daughters and sons – should also live their parents’ house and live separately. There is another old custom of giving the eldest child to parent for upbringing. But it is used less and less nowadays. Social clock is ticking all the time in "collective unconscious" in the subconscious of every person. Many women over 25 may have psychological complexes due to, for example, that they are still not married. Young people, not enrolled to study in high school, worry about that they will not have enough time to get higher education until they are 30. Maybe all this stereotypes have some biological reasons related with philosophy: the most optimal time for the first childbearing for women is the age before 30. After this age the childbearing can pass with some complications. Young parents have more chances to bring up their offspring and to see their grandchildren, and be involved in their education. And parents will not burden their adult children with the care of themselves (parents), when it’s a time for them (children) to make a career. In addition, they will be born healthier children. Scientists have shown that the older parents have more chances to have children born with Down syndrome. At last it is not very good to stay under the...
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