Stereotypes : ( Harmful) for Our Society

Topics: Stereotype Pages: 3 (1282 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Stereotypes :( harmful) for our society
There are different kinds of people living around us. Not all of them stereotype others, but some of them do. May be I too stereotype at times. We are not born with a stereotypical mind. Our society and situation teach us stereotypes. Robert Heilbroner also writes in his essay about stereotyping people. Often stereotypical behavior harms Muslim people’s feelings. Also because of stereotypes black people are judged wrongly by their color, and females don’t get better jobs because of stereotyping. All of these stereotypical behaviors not only harm people’s feelings but also harm our society. First of all, in our society stereotypical behavior towards Muslims often creates racial profiling and hurts their feelings. For example, in the United States some Americans think that Muslims are terrorist’s. This is one of the biggest stereotyping behaviors Muslims face every day. After the Twin Tower’s was destroyed, some people thought that all Muslims were bad and they all were terrorists. In Robert Heilbroner’s essay he writes as Walter Lippmann has said, “For the most part, we do not first see and then define; we define first, and then we see.” This quote is true for Muslims, because some Americans without seeing Muslim people take wrong decisions about them. They don’t even think that Muslim people can do something good. In that case, there mind is close because of stereotype cast. However, this kind of thinking hurts Muslim people’s feelings. I am a Muslim. I have one bitter experience from the day I came to the United States. After I first came, I had to do some paperwork for my immigration. I was totally unaware of stereotyping. An American man was working on my immigration. When he saw my last name is Islam he started whispering with his co-workers. Suddenly I heard them talking about terrorists, but I didn’t understand what they were talking about. At the airport, paper work for immigrations usually takes more...
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