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  • Published : September 18, 2008
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Stereotyping of Cheerleaders
Many people would like to become a cheerleader, however, they are afraid of being stereotyped, and in turn, these stereotypes may affect ones chances of successfully becoming a cheerleader. “Stereotyping is so common in our society that when you meet someone for the first time you are often stereotyped before you even reach, ‘hello.’ The way people perceive us can have a profound effect on how we see ourselves” (Mega Essays, 2008). Cheerleading has three common stereotypes as this sport gains in popularity. The first stereotype of cheerleading is a controversy that rages on about whether or not it is a sport. Next, cheerleaders are often times compared to people with unflattering and unintelligent personalities. Finally, there have also been questions about the inclusion of males upon cheerleading teams. Though many examples exist, the three examples listed above seem to be the most challenging stereotypes which keep many afraid of joining the sport of cheerleading.

Cheerleading is very popular in middle schools all the way up to the university education level, but unfortunately, several observers often question a cheerleader’s athletic ability. Cheerleaders put in hard work by lifting weights, working up a sweat, and even facing possible injury. These athletes have a strong drive for determination and dedication by practicing at all hours of the day both with their team, and also individually. Some cheerleaders may often say they practice more than the teams they cheer for. So the question arises, why not give them the title and respect they strongly deserve? Independent cheerleaders also compete nationally in addition to high school and college cheer teams; however, many cheerleaders are left pondering whether or not they can gain the attention and recognition they need to officially declare cheerleading as a sport (Ninemire, 2008).

Besides the questions of cheerleading as a sport, cheerleaders are often stereotyped from...
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