Topics: Stereotype, The Simpsons, Prejudice Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: February 10, 2013
| The Negative Effects of Stereotyping|

Stereotypes are known beliefs about certain types of races, ethnicities, genders, and even occupations. They are based on assumptions and are known as “silly” judgments which classify or group individuals together. Stereotypes can either be good or bad but they also can be hurtful, especially if one takes their culture seriously. If one chooses to stereotype, they are putting someone down based on their perceptions which will cause them to not succeed. Stereotyping can often encourage bully-like behavior that children will stick with until they’re adults. Stereotyping can also lead to hate, and can cause the victims of those stereotypes to often live in fear. For example, many homosexuals are afraid to admit their sexuality because they fear they will be judged and misinterpreted. Depending on how you look at it, it’s an ironic situation for those who are doing the stereotyping and those who are playing the victims. Stereotyping can lead to hate crimes, discriminations, and prejudice among different groups of people. One cultural researcher says, “We use stereotypes in part because it’s so hard to take in all of the complicated information about other people in the world. It’s difficult to spend the amount of time necessary to understand why or in what different ways people behave. So instead, we learn early in our lives to accept stereotypes of groups, or individuals. We develop stereotypes not just for large cultures, but smaller, specific sects; such as police officers, Mexican Americans, women, or executive males.” Stereotypes, generally carry a negative undertone, are widely used because they are overly present in today’s media, strengthened by individual experiences, and reiterated throughout history. The most significant source of stereotypical content comes from sitcom media. A cultural researcher explains, “The media continually normalizes violence, reinforces racism, and creates myths of who we are...
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