Steps to Launch and Shift Gears in a Manual Car

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  • Published : December 29, 2005
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Process Analysis

How to launch and shift gears in a manual car

"Can you drive stick"? Although this question is not asked as often as it used to be, there will be times in a person's life when they will be asked this question. Contrary to popular belief, everyone should be able to answer this question with a positive "yes!" most people think they do not know how to drive stick because they have either never been taught, or, a bad experience resulted when someone tried to teach them. Driving a manual car is not overly difficult. If a few simple steps are followed, a person will easily be able to learn this skill that is being forgotten. The first step is to open the car door and sit down. Once you have situated yourself in the vehicle, put the key in the ignition. Next, push the clutch pedal all the way in, till it pushes against the car. Now, turn the ignition key to start the vehicle, while continuing to keep the clutch pressed in. Once the engine reaches its normal idling point, move the shift lever into first gear. Next, put some pressure on the gas pedal to slightly increased engine speed. Then, begin to ease off of the clutch pedal. As you continue to let the clutch pedal out, put some more pressure on the gas pedal to keep the engine speed from going to low and staling. Continue to release the clutch pedal until first gear is completely engaged. Also, continue to add pressure to the gas pedal until first gear is completely engaged. When the clutch pedal is all the way out, and you foot has been removed from the pedal, first gear will be completely engaged. If first gear is not engaged properly, there could be multiple things being done wrong. One of these things could be that the clutch pedal is let out too fast. If this is done, the engine will stall. If the clutch is let out too quickly and there is too much pressure on the gas, the car will burnout, or spin its wheels. Whenever something is done wrong, and the car behaves in an unexpected way, the...
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