Steps on How O Prepare Seminar Workshop

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Conducting a successful seminar workshop requires a great deal of preparation and confidence. It's important to follow a step-by-step blueprint to successfully conduct workshops, from the preparation stage to the final evaluation. 1. Select your presentation topic based on your expertise and goals and on the needs of your target audience. Research your subject thoroughly. 2. Decide who your audience will be and why they are attending so you can tailor the content to their needs. 3. Choose a presentation format. A workshop is hands-on, with participants who are engaged by doing, building, creating or learning a skill.  4. Establish the length of your presentation based on the amount of material you wish to convey and audience needs. Plan the workshop structure, including how much time will be alloted. Build in enough time for introductions, activities and questions in addition to each learning section. 5. Create an outline for the flow of your presentation. Formulate three or four (no more than six, depending on time available) key learning objectives. Use them as section headings for the main body of content. Include facts, discussions and interactive exercises in your content. Set realistic times for each section. 6. Select visual aids for your presentation. Use interesting, unusual and amusing visual aids to help participants understand and retain information. These might include a slide show or PowerPoint presentation, a flip chart, a video, a demonstration, role play, items pulled from a grab bag, live animals, a game or contest, or even food or beverage, depending on your workshop topic. Ensure that the visual aids are clear and concise, can be seen from any point in the audience and do not contain mistakes or contradict one another. Limit visual aids to an average of about one every 15 minutes. Other sensory aids might be appropriate, depending on your topic. However, one well chosen...
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