Steps Needed to Become a Network Systems Administrator

Topics: Employment, High school, Secondary education Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: August 10, 2008
My proposal is to write about the steps needed to become a Network Systems Administrator. I have always been fascinated with the world of computers. The way technology continually evolves indicates a need for more and more employees. I have had the opportunity to experiment with many different career paths, and none have instilled a since of stability with me the way careers in the IT industry has. The elements I intend to focus on with my research are salary, job requirements, and educational requirements. It is my hopes that after I finish this research project I will only reassure myself of the opportunity the IT industry will provide for the future. ABSTRACT

The following is a research paper in which I researched into the Network and Computer administrator career field. I wanted to learn more as to the job requirements and its potential earnings. I developed a survey in which I had several people answer as to discover the relationship between career and education. I devised a set of instructions on how to ascertain a career in the Network and Computer Administrative field. 

I created a survey to analyze if in fact education has a direct effect on a person’s career path and earnings potential. One of the participants was a high school graduate with no formal schooling afterwards. The next participant had attended some college classes, but did not finish. The other two participants both attended college and earned their Bachelor’s degrees. All of the people that participated in the survey were currently employed. I informed the participants that I would only be using their answers as part of a research paper for my class and that they would remain completely anonymous. When the participants were asked what influenced their first job after school, high school or college, the answers that were given were what I had expected. The person who did not attend college said there was no influence, only a need for a job. The person who had...
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