Steps in the Medical Billing Process

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Steps in the Medical Billing Process

By | May 2011
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Steps in the Medical Billing Process
Donna Tankersley
HCR 220

Steps in the Medical Billing Process

Everything that is done in this world has to have a process whether it is an act as simple as cooking a meal or something more complex like the 10 steps to medical billing. If one of these processes or steps is left out, then the result can be disastrous. A cook would not leave out the eggs or the bread when making French toast. The medical billing process is the same, some steps more important than others but each still equally needed. The first step to follow, would be to pre-register the patient into the facility he or she is needing health care. This means making an appointment for the patient with the attending physician. The symptoms are normally taken to be given to the physician and to be kept in the patient’s medical records. The second step is to establish the financial responsibility for any visits. At step two, the services the insurance plans cover are established. Normally a nurse or practitioner lets the patient know what is covered and what procedure would be considered an out-of-pocket expense. Some plans will pay for two dental cleanings but any cosmetic procedures would be the patient’s responsibility to pay in full. The third step is to check the patient in to the facility or practice. This normally includes gathering the entire person’s information from the correct spelling of his or her name to their social security number and past health information as well as any insurance information to file. If the patient has visited the physician before, the reason for the visit is normally the only information needed unless otherwise provided such as an address update as well as any understood copay. The fourth step is to check the patient out of the facility or practice for the day. Even if it is the only visit the patient has with the practice, their medical records would still stay of records for the required amount of time. The medical codes...

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