Steps in Medical Billing Process

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Steps in the Medical Billing Process


Kim Shablack

October 23, 2011

Regina Kraus

There are several steps to the medical billing process step one to ten are as follows: Preregister patients, Establish financial responsibility for visits, Check in the patients, Check out the patients, Review coding compliance, Check billing compliance, Prepare and transmit claims, Monitor payer adjudication, Generate patient statements and finally Follow up patients payments and handle collections.

Preregister patients is when you schedule and update appointments and collect insurance information for the patients. When you are scheduling appointments for new patient you need to get basic information and insurance information and reason for appointment.

Establishing Financial Responsibility is an important step where you must determine what services are covered under the patients insurance and what service they are responsible for this also help if a preauthorization is need and ensures that are information is done and billed correctly.

Check in Patients This is when you collect all necessary information from the patient such as copies for insurance cards. This is also, where you can collect copays and make sure the patient’s information is correct and updated if need be.

Check out Patients This is where you record the proper medical codes for the visit. This is also where you provide information if the patient has made a payment or how much they owe and to make sure it is coded properly so the patient will be charged correctly. If payment or copays have been made then a receipt is given.

Review Coding Compliance This is where guidelines must be follow when coding the visit. This must be checked for errors and the visit...
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