Steps for Putting Together an Emergency Action Plan

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Steps for Putting Together an
Emergency Action Plan



The steps for creating an EAP (Emegencey Action Plan) can be easily implemented by following these simple steps. The first is to have an extensive phone list. On top of the list should be 911 and local fire, police, and hospitals followed by a list of contacts in a chain of command format. In an emergent situation it is best to lay everything out clearly since things can get hectic. A list of all availible equipment should also be provided with maps and locations in the facility. List list should include exits, fire fighting equipment, and life saving devises. This will provide personel in the facility a path to safety and also any EMT or emergency crews with a direction into the facility. It is important to remember to have help and special exit plans for anyone that may have a handicap that prohibit a normal exit. This should include wheel chair access ramps and areas designated for for special rescue. If combination locks are required an any doors and gates these should also be included at this point. Some other items to include in your plan are potential health hazards dealing with the environment. Put in a safe lighting plan and continents for bad weather especially if your safety meeting locations are outside of the facility. Things to consider are temputure and contributing factors such as windchill and humidity. This way you can easily see if its safe to be outside. Next consider special circumstance evacuations like bomb threats or terrorist events. Something people forget to require for bomb threat in there personnel training is to remember everyone should try to take with them everything they entered the facility with that morning such as purses and any bags they may have brought. This allows bomb crews to go through the facility fast. The fewer bags and personal items they have to search makes there jobs safer and faster. Once you have created everything...
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