Steps for Cleaning Fertilizer Spreading Machine

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A fertilizer spreader is a metal hopper with an adjustable trough underneath for applying an even layer of fertilizer over lawns and gardens. Some spreaders connect with a tow hitch to the back of a tractor. Smaller models have a handle and wheels for pushing the spreader yourself. As with all garden tools, cleaning your spreader after each use will prolong the life of the equipment and ensure proper operation. A garden hose may be used, but a power washer works best.

1. Empty the hopper of all fertilizer, either by spreading the product on your garden or lawn or removing the fertilizer and returning it to its storage bag.

2. Open the hopper trough at the bottom of the spreader so water can run through. Pull the lever on the side of the spreader to open the trough.

3. Wash the spreader inside and out with a garden hose or power washer. The power washer works faster to remove fertilizer particles that may have dried and hardened on the equipment.

4. Wipe down the spreader with old towels to remove excess water, and allow the equipment to air dry completely.

5. Pour machine oil on an old towel to wipe down metal parts, concentrating especially on the hinge mechanism at the bottom of the spreader trough.

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