Steps Did Carlos Initiate to Bring About Change in the Organization?

Topics: Renault, Carlos Ghosn, Louis Schweitzer Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: October 27, 2012
4. What steps did Carlos initiate to bring about change in the organization?
Carlos Ghosn bring many changes in the organization, he also had brought in many un-Japanese changes in the Japanese organization. “Turnaround artist” one of the steps that Carlos bring which is this is the most remarkable turnaround at Nissan. Instead of imposing change, Carlos Ghosn brought about the need for urgency in operation and was able to make employees accept the flaws in the culture of the organization. Others thing he was encouraged employees were to respect the differences between cultures and adopted a performance-driven management. In addition, as an effective way Carlos emphasis on cross-functional team where this purpose is very important thing that will give many impact in term of benefited to the organization. The cross-functional team was establishing to form and employee was involved in the revival process of the company which is needs to rebuild motivation of Nissan employees and partners. Therefore, this purpose was to look at the lines of responsibility among the employee and to make sure they will understand the working of other the department as well. Through the revival process, the outcome of emerge was the Nissan Revival Plan (NRP). The plan was emphasizing aspect from the timing, the plan schedule and the commitment as well as target clearly stated. Besides that, the effective aspect that Carlos has is the key of good leadership where he encourages the employees involved in the decision-making process. He also invited suggestion not only employee in the company but also from every influential individual such as supplier, Nissan’s ex-employees and dealers. This is because he wants his employee generates and express the idea or opinion. Thus, Carlos was avoiding impersonal meeting through mails, but he was encourage employee need face-to-face communication. At the same time, he was concern about Nissan profitable, so the first phase of NRP was focused on...
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