Stepping Stones to Success

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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The Stepping Stones to Success
Today’s society is a very competitive environment, and education fuels the competitive nature in people. Education is seen as a key, a key which opens a door to a successful future. Education gives knowledge of the world, while opening doors to brilliant career opportunities. Building confidence to make decisions, to face life, and to accept successes and failures alike, is a large part of the experience that is offered at a post-high school level of education. When speaking of a successful future what is seen as a success? Is it a high salary? Is it feeling good about yourself and being happy in your own skin? Is it being the person you dreamt to be? Many people perceive being successful in different lights, and believe they can achieve it in their own ways, but one thing that is key to success in all cases is education.

A person’s future is affected by education at around the age of fifteen or sixteen. This time period in a student’s life is when Advanced Placement classes are offered, which if taken provide an opportunity to stand out among the student body. Advanced Placement classes, not only put a student at an elevated educational position above their peers, but they provide the chance to receive educational credits toward a higher education, whatever that may be. Receiving an education above a high school level is very important step on the staircase to a person’s success in the future. On average a person who receives a higher education than high school earn a significantly larger sum of money over their life time than a person who did not pursue a higher education. Education opens doors just like a key, a key that allows a person to choose what doors he or she wants to open.

One door that a higher education can open is the door of choosing a career. As I questioned earlier, does success does mean wealth or happiness? The largest reason that a higher education is instrumental in success is that many professions...
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