Stepping Stones of My Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Critical thinking, Thought Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: September 21, 2008
As my life progressed towards that point in which I needed to make a critical decision about college, I had a lot of mixed feelings about whether this decision would hold the key to the future and life I have hoped for. After a long thought process, I had realized that you need some form of a college degree to obtain a solid well paying job. This was when I understood that college would be the path I would take for that life I wanted. After thinking about college, not only did I comprehend that college was the road toward a good job but also would open up a world of opportunities that I was willing to take. Given these opportunities will better help me understand the meaning of hard work, time management, and experience to help prepare me for the real world. Besides going to college in order to make something of and for myself as well as mature and grow, I came to college to try and pursue another aspect of my life. This aspect is to compete at the collegiate level and succeed. By competing at this level as well as becoming educated at the same time will teach me dedication, discipline, and what it means to follow your dreams; never giving up. In the end, college seemed to be the best decision suitable for my future. For many people, college is something that they have to do not something they want to do. It is a time for people to party every night and put their studies aside. This lifestyle and possible future for many, is something I have not let myself encounter. College has so much more to offer then where the party’s at. I chose college because I knew that it was that one important stepping stone toward that goal of having the best possible future I can have.
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