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Stephenie Meyer: A Writer of Positive Morals
Through her novels, Stephenie Meyer has had a positive moral influence on teenagers. Many readers are against the Twilight Saga because vampires and werewolves are thought of as unchristian-like creatures. Regardless of those objections, Meyer’s works propose Christianity, protection, selflessness, and how to resist temptation. Vampire creatures are not highly thought of; however, the vampires Meyer writes about are good vampires. All of the perceptions humans have are mentioned in her novels, but the vampire creatures in the Twilight Saga create a new reputation. The vampires do not kill humans because they have adapted to another lifestyle. They also save lives. Meyer has given readers the opportunity to let go of the stereotype that has been given to vampires. The coven of vampires in The Twilight Saga do not live in a gory, blood-thirsty atmosphere. They live off the blood of animals (Flanagan 110). They call themselves “vegetarians” (Mahoney). They are one of very few covens in the novels that rise above vampire culture (Mahoney). The Cullens chose another lifestyle because they had no desire to harm humans. The vampires in Meyer’s novels also save lives. Carlisle Cullen is not just a vampire. He is a doctor in a hospital (Mahoney). He saves lives every day (Mahoney). Meyer gave one of the vampire characters a human profession. Carlisle also saved Edward’s life by biting him and turning him in to a vampire when he was dying of the Spanish Influenza (Meyer Twilight 341). One article reveals that Bella, the human, always manages to end up in scrape after scrape, but over and over, out of nowhere is Edward (Flanagan 116). Bella has a near-death experience when she is almost hit by a van in the school parking lot, but Edward uses his vampire skills to get to her and saves her life (MeyerTwilight 56). Edward also appears when Bella is almost raped by a group of men. He then again saves Bella’s life (Meyer Twilight...
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